Our story

We failed many times, but we hustle and we get where we wanna be. And we love failures because it’s an opportunity to grow, and we love building a community of people who are thinking the same. Join us!


At FailFighters, we believe in the power of sharing personal stories. We organize event series where you can hear our inspirational speakers talking about their own failures that shaped them and helped them stand up brighter and stronger. The bigger the failure, the bigger the lesson learned.

Listen, learn and get inspired!

If you want to listen to how to turn failures into success, you can either register for our next event in Ho Chi Minh City or listen to our podcasts.


  • Carey James
    Carey James Podcast Co-founder and Host
  • Tomas Svoboda
    Tomas Svoboda Founder and CEO
  • Tien Le (Alice)
    Tien Le (Alice) Vietnamese Podcast Host
  • Joel Zorrilla
    Joel Zorrilla Content Marketing Manager
  • Thanh Do
    Thanh Do Event Coordinator | Co-founder at Totbrand
  • Anastasia Kop
    Anastasia Kop Event Coordinator | Co-founder at Totbrand


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